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Jaime Pressly was born on July 30th, 1997 in Kinston, North Carolina, USA. At a young age, Jaime had a head start in life as she performed as a professional gymnast and dancer. She practiced gymnastics for 11 years with her devoted instructor.

Besides being a well trained dancer and gymnast, Jamie also became a star model. By the time she was a teenager, she was already becoming popular internationally. She was found on the vocer of “Teen Magazine”, which was her first real celebrity success. She also had work as a model in Italy and Japan at a young age.

By the time she turned 15, she was legally emancipated from her parents and decided to start her movie career. On camera, she made her huge debut in the 1997 movie entitled Poison Ivy: New Secudtion. She received the invitation for the role after she was the body double of Drew Barrymore in the original version of Poison Ivy.

After she acted as a prostitute in Poison Ivy, she started to appear in other movies as well which include Against the Law, The Journey: Absolution, and Can’t Hardly Wait. She also made an appearance in Jerry Springer’s movie (Ringmaster).

Previous to 1999, she was just an average actor with not much popularity, but when being part of the set on the show Jack & Jill, she became huge. Her character was a dancer named Audrey which fits her profile of loving to dance.

As she became a well known television actor, her role in the television series Push was also acknowledged along with her special appearance on the hit game show Hollywood Squares.

There have been rumours of her being married to Brodie Mitchell. While she denies this and says that she has heard of who he is but does not personally know him. It is rumored that they got married in 1998, but Pressly has never been married. However, Brodie Mitchell made certain claims saying they were married and attempted to finalize this fact.

Jaime also dated the co-star of Jack & Jill, Simon Rex from 2000 to 2001. Although in December of 2001, when she was at an interview with Howard Stern, she made a claim that Simon Rex dumped her on her birthday (July 30th).

In October of 2006, she became engaged to DJ Eric Cubiche. She was friends with him for 9 years prior to their hook up. A recent announcement by Jaime Pressly told fans that she had a baby boy whose name was Dezi James.

Jaime Pressly would have been dead if luck was not on her side. She planned to purchase a ticket on the airplane which crashed into the Twin Towers on September 9th of 2001 but decided not to because the plane was leaving too early in the morning.

With a body that she should not be hiding, the sexy Jaime Pressly showed it all off on the cover of Playboy and posed nude for a issue in March of 1998 and February of 2004. She also appeared in special edition Playboy magazines over the course of 6 years (Totalling up to 4 different issues).
After being a highlight of Hollywood and acknowledged for her fame, she became a new spokesmodel for Liz Claiborne Cosmetics and also for the new fragnance entitled “Lucky You”.

She also has a tattoo of a Blue Leo sign which is placed on the lower area of her back. Plus, she has the words, “healthy, strong and brave” written around the same area in Japanese language.

With many films being planned with her as a star role, and being the hit of a new and successful TV series, she is guaranteed to be one of the most successful women in Hollywood.

Currently, she is most recognized for her role in “My name is Earl” as she plays the funny yet sensitive role of Joy Turner.

Jaime Pressly Pictures

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